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Kremlin hits back at out-in visa ban

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Kremlin hits back at out-in visa ban | Samui Times
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The Russian government has hit back at the Thai Immigration rules, introduced recently, banning multiple “out-in” visa runs for tourists.

In an “official message to the media” issued yesterday (September 10) the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “On September 1, the Thai authorities reported that on August 29 this year an amendment [was made] to the immigration rules of stay for foreign tourists, whereby citizens of 48 countries may extend [only] once, for 30 days, the term of the visa-free stay in Thailand.

in and out visa“This rule applies to the citizens of those states with which Thailand does not have a specific agreement facilitating the visa regime.

“Citizens of the Russian Federation do not, however, fall under the new rules.

“According to Paragraph 1 of a bilateral intergovernmental agreement [between Russia and Thailand], Russian tourists are allowed to enter Thailand for up to 30 days, after which they must leave the country, [but] the number of entries is not limited.”

On May 13 the former national commander of Thai Immigration, Lt Gen Pharnu Kerdlarpphon told The Phuket News that Russians, South Koreans and Vietnamese in particular were thought to be abusing the out-in visa run in order to stay in Thailand to work illegally.

“Thirty days should be enough for a normal tourist. If they really want to travel around the country for more than 30 days, then they must show us a plausible plan. If officers are suspicious, then they will carry out checks.

“If we believe their purpose in coming to Thailand is not what they say it is, then we will order them to leave and they will be blacklisted. They will not be able to return to Thailand, ever.”

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