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Kremlin says Russia willing to supply North Korea with Covid-19 vaccines

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Kremlin says Russia willing to supply North Korea with Covid-19 vaccines
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A Kremlin spokesperson says Russia is willing to consider any request from North Korea for Covid-19 vaccines. According to a Reuters report, Dmitry Peskov says that if such a request is made, it will be responded to promptly.

“North Korean comrades are well aware of our various inoculations; they are aware of our extensive experience with Covid. If there are appeals from Pyongyang, they will be dealt with promptly.”

North Korea, famously secretive about most things, has kept very quiet about its Covid-19 situation, but has now confirmed that at least 1 person has died from the virus. State media adds that hundreds of thousands are showing “fever” symptoms, in a statement that hints at what could be the devastating extent of the country’s first confirmed outbreak since the start of the pandemic.

The country first reported the outbreak last Thursday, describing it as the “gravest national emergency”. A full national lockdown has been ordered, with state media saying Omicron infections have now been detected in Pyongyang.

Meanwhile, the US government currently has no plans to share Covid-19 vaccines with North Korea, according to White House press secretary, Jen Psaki.

SOURCE: Reuters


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