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“Lady Kai” latest: Seems she could predict the lottery numbers and tricked dying woman over land deal, it is claimed

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“Lady Kai” latest: Seems she could predict the lottery numbers and tricked dying woman over land deal, it is claimed | Samui Times
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There were some juicy developments in the Lady Kai saga yesterday as reporters scoured Udon for the latest news on the sensational case that has gripped he nation.

lady kaiThe doctor at the center of the death of Chaweewan Tangwiriyakun – who died in 2003 and was cremated quickly after Ying Kai signed the death certificate – spoke to reporters.

He said that she had come into the clinic in August of 2003 suffering from jaundice and was wearing everyday clothes- he had no idea she was a rich heiress, reported Daily News.

However, they soon discovered spots on her liver and realized that she was suffering from cancer. She came in for treatment a total of 16 times until November 26th when she admitted herself saying she was very weak. She died on December 2nd.

At that time a very important looking woman had been on the scene who was known as a “princess”. She told the doctor that she could foretell the future and had predicted the outcome of the lottery several times.

She came to the hurriedly arranged funeral at a nearby temple but there was no police escort on that occasion.

Reporters also spoke to Chaweewan’s younger sister who said that she was sure Ying Kai was complicit in a deal that saw her family robbed of a house and land worth at least 8 million baht according to prices at the time.

Chomsri Prajantasen, 75, who used to be a teacher, said that Chaweewan was the oldest of five siblings. She was second. Their father was a soldier who owned much land including a market area in Udon. Their father had given land to Chaweewan who was married four times but turned to drink and divorced them all.

In mid 2001 Chaweewan’s first husband Piti Tangwiriyakun turned up after hearing that her sister was sick. At this time a woman came on the scene who said that she was a princess and was Piti’s step-daughter. She was called “Princess Kai” by people. She said that her husband was a policeman.

She always had a police escort and servants and body guards attending to her. Everyone believed she was really a princess. She seemed very important and influential.

Chomsri said that at that time a safe went missing from her mother’s house along with 30 baht weight in gold. She said it was taken by the woman now known in the news as Lady Kai (Monta Yokratanakan).

The family went to police and the gold was returned but later only five baht was found to be real – the rest was fake gold.

When her sister died the cremation was rushed, she said. The relatives were not permitted to be involved at all. Within no time at all the land belonging to her sister fell into the hands of her ex husband and the “princess” and was sold to another person.

Chomsri said: “I don’t know how Piti managed to get his name on the deeds – I believe my sister was tricked by him and Lady Kai and my family suspected that to”.

But they did nothing about it fearing the influence of the “princess” and let the matter rest.

Now she has instructed a lawyer to look into the matter more fully as the case against Lady Kai gains momentum. Many others are also making claims that they have suffered at the hands of the fake “princess”.

Monta Yokratanakun is currently in jail facing lese majeste charges and charges of making false and malicious claims.

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