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Lamai International School Anti-Bullying Week

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Lamai International School Anti-Bullying Week | Samui Times
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Many people all around the world get bullied. The sad thing is that some people who get bullied don’t tell anyone about their situation.

Lamai International School Anti-Bullying Week | News by Samui TimesLamai International School ran an anti-bullying week from the 12th-17th of November to let children know they are not alone. There is always someone to talk to.

Bullying happens all around the world. Children get bullied, even adults. There is not just one type of bullying, there are several. These include: Physical (punching, pushing), Verbal (bad words and slur), Cyber (through the internet) and Social (bullying in a social situation). Those are the 4 most common types of bullying.

In one large study (conducted by, about 49% of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month

During the week, Lamai International school ran several activities and events for anti-bullying. These include: making a helping tree where each student would add Lamai International School Anti-Bullying Week | News by Samui Timesa leaf with encouraging advice for someone who is being bullied, the secondary students performing short skits to show what each different type of bullying would look like, children who were kind to a fellow student would receive an anti-bullying bookmark and some grades made posters for what they think you should do if you are being bullied.

One of the most interactive activities at Lamai International School was the mural called ‘Take a stand, lend a hand’ displayed in the canteen. Students would dip their hands in paint and then place it on the wall. This was done to emphasis that everyone wants to stop bullying, and you will never be alone.

How to resolve bullying?

Some people who bully are insecure or they may have problems of their own. For different types of bullying there will be different solutions. For example, if you are being physically bullied, then you should confront them or tell someone in authority e.g. your parents.

If you are being cyber bullied, you should block them. Or if you are being socially bullied you would confront them or tell someone in authority.

I think that bullying isn’t nice, and people should stop bullying others, it does no one any good.

By Caitlyn Robertson (Student, Secondary Grade, Lamai International School)


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