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Land Transport Department mulls phasing out red car plates

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Land Transport Department mulls phasing out red car plates | Samui Times
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Red Number Plates in Thailand

The Land Transport Department is mulling the possibility of scrapping red car plates issued for newly-bought cars so they be used on road pending car registration.

Mr Thirapong Rodprasert, the department chief, said Thursday that he had an idea of phasing out the car red plates and would raise the issue for discussions with car dealers about the possibility of having newly-bought cars properly registered first before they are delivered to their buyers.

He said that several cars with red plates have been travelling on roads and some of them carrying the red plates for quite a long time apparently with an intention to avoid pay road taxes when they are registered, hence depriving the state of revenue that it should have received.

Besides, he pointed out some of the red-plated cars were used in committing crimes, making it difficult for the police to trace the cars because they have not been registered and without proper car plate numbers.

Mr Thirapong urged new car buyers to have their cars quickly registered assuring that the process would take just one day and they would get the new car plates within just one day.


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