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Laotian girl ‘s death sparks outcry in social media

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Laotian girl ‘s death sparks outcry in social media | Samui Times
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The mystery surrounding the death of an 18-year-old Laotian girl falling to her death from an eight-storey apartment room in Huey Kwang area in Bangkok on July 27 has sparked a public outcry in Laos with widespread share of a post in the social media calling on the Thai police to treat the case same as they treated the Thai case.

The Laotian media also turned its eyes on the news which was given less attention by the police to investigate and to bring the suspect or suspects for trial.

The poster “Lerdsal Janthien” wrote on his Facebook of the mysterious death of the 18-year-old girl known only as “Nong Paeng” and showed photos of the victim and her humble funeral in Savannakhet province of Laos by in open ground last week.

He recalled the poor and grieved parents of Nong Paeng had to borrow money from relatives to travel from Laos to Bangkok to bring their daughter back for funeral with no assistance from any Thai agencies.

Since Nong Paeng was the only child who was the family’s dependant, her loss had great impact on her two brothers who are still studying in Laos.

Lerdsal recalled the night of the incident saying the girl was staying with 4-5 friends at the apartment room when she received a mobile phone call from her Thai colleague known as “Kor” to see her.

She went out to meet him at another opposite room just because they were friend and colleague, while her Laotian friends asked to go back to their rooms at the same apartment.

He said 10 minutes later shouts were heard from a woman who later was identified as Kor’s wife and also worked as cashier at the same place at a massage parlour as Nong Paeng.

The wife entered the room where both her husband and Nong Paeng were inside with a reserve key.

There was heated argument and curses were heard and five minutes later, both Kor and his wife rushed out quickly.

Shortly afterwards apartment guards alerted the police of a woman falling to her death from the eighth floor of the apartment.

Charity foundation workers arrived too late to save her life. They examined the body while waiting for forensic police to inspect the scene.

Nong Paeng’s friends then recalled what happened to the police during the initial interrogation.

Kor and his wife returned to the police station to tell their own accounts of the story, claiming they did not know how she fell from the room. But they promised to pay 20,000-30,000 baht to help the victim’s family to arrange cremation.

The Laotian poster then questioned the poor attention to the case by the Thai police with call for them not to discriminate the case as both Laotians and Thais are human being who should be fairly treated.

He also said promise to pay her family by Mr Kor also was not heeded.

His post was widely shared in the social network with call for Thai police to treat the case with speed and divulge the truth behind her death.

Parent of Nong Paeng are also planning to petition with the Thai embassy in Vientiane to seek justice for their daughter.

Meanwhile Huey Kwang police investigator Pol Lt Sarut Kam-laor said said the girl, identified later as Miss Tai Daoheung, died from broken neck and back bone.

There were bruises on her right am and left leg.

There was no traces of fighting in the room where she was said to fall down from, except finger prints on the bars at the corridor, he said.

But he said her friends confirmed of hearing quarrels inside the room.

They also admitted to have some drinks before the girl would leave the room to see her Thai colleague

He added that the case was still in process as the police have to await result from the forensic examinations in the room and finger prints before making a conclusion of the exact cause of death.

The social network placed emphasis on murder rather than an accident.

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