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“Large pedophile gang of foreign retirees” operating in Pattaya, says Thai media

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“Large pedophile gang of foreign retirees” operating in Pattaya, says Thai media | Samui Times
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Thai media claims that a large gang of foreign pedophile retirees is molesting young teenage boys in Pattaya.

The claims come after the arrest of a Canadian pensioner for molesting a 13 year old boy in South Pattaya.

imageEddy Walsh, 71, denies the charge.

Tnews citing sources close to the investigation said that many European friends of Mr Walsh were involved in molesting children.They said that one is a condo manager in Central Pattaya who has already been arrested twice for working without a permit.

But he is still working seemingly without a care prompting concerns that he was not prosecuted and just let go.

Investigations are ongoing into the activities of the alleged gang of pedophiles.

Mr Walsh was arrested coming out of the Yen Sabai Mansion in Pattaya Soi 17 off Sai 2 on Wednesday. A warrant for his arrest was issued by the Pattaya court on Tuesday following a complaint made to Pattaya police by the mother of a 13 year old boy.

She said that her son had been taken to a room in Yen Sabai and was molested with a video being recorded.

Region 2 child protection agencies and the Department of Special Investigation served the warrant and then searched room A307 on the third floor.

Kritsanat Thanasuphanat leading the Region 2 team in the arrest said they found many obscene VCDs. These were taken into evidence along with a phone, tablet, computer notebook and a selection of clothes.

Police believe information on the electronic devices will help with the inquiry and they are testing the clothes for DNA evidence related to the boy at the center of the charge of molestation of a child under 15.

The suspect was interviewed in the presence of a member of the Canadian Embassy before being handed over to Ekachai Moonlee of the Pattaya police.

While Mr Walsh denied everything Tnews said that unnamed sources suggested a large group of foreign pedophiles were preying on boys at the resort. They referred to the men as European retirees and friends of Mr Walsh.

This group included the foreigner working as a condo manager without a permit that has raised suspicions.

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