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Large taxis protest? Passengers welcome it!

Samui Times Editor



Large taxis protest? Passengers welcome it! | Samui Times
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A Facebook community page for taxi drivers has further drawn ire from Bangkok passengers when it posted that drivers of large-sized taxis at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport has protested against what they saw as unfair fare rate for them.
Instead of winning support for the protest, the post instead drew criticisms. Many people posted comments, saying the unhappy taxi drivers should quit their career and leave the Suvarnabhumi for good.
The Voice of Taxis page on Monday posted picture of empty car park ground for taxis. It said drivers of large mini-van types taxis all decided to protest for a day so that passengers with a lot of belongings may try using two small-size taxis instead of one large-sized taxi that wants to collect a flat rate.
It stated that the passengers thought they were taken advantage of by large taxi drivers so they should try packing all their bags into a small taxi.
The protest followed the airport’s ban against two drivers of mini-van taxis who collected a flat rate fare on a group of Japanese tourists instead of using meter. The airport took the action after a Bangkok resident Japanese man posted on his Facebook, complaining against the two taxi drivers.
A Faceobook user who uses the name of Nate Aquarius said: “Congratulation for the protest. Passengers always have options and they don’t have to depend on childish taxi drivers”.
Thanet Kanthasob said he totally agreed with the protest because passengers can pay Bt800 for an Airport limousine to get a much better service than that from mini-van taxis, which charge nearly the same rate with the limousine.
Thanarat Sodsup posted that small-sized taxis, whose drivers are unhappy with the use of meters, should also stop taking up passengers at the airport.
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