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Latest news on the political situation | Samui Times
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Yesterday, supporters of the PCAD marched to the Army Club on Vibhavadi Road where Yingluck and her cabinet were holding a meeting. They reportedly threatened to break into the venue and capture Yingluck and the othe members and demanded that the government dissolve CMPO within 24 hours.

Mr. Chalerm Yoobamrung, the CMPO chairman criticized that and their other threat to surround the police club today, but has arranged emergency headquarters in Nakhon Pathom, despite being confident he can defend the headquarters from the protestors. He said “The protestors have acted too much like gangsters, if they are still acting like gangsters by storming the Army Club and the Police Club, I would like them to storm their own properties”. When the protesters became more tense and shots were reportedly fired Mr. Chalerm lost his confidence, tuned tail and left the meeting venue via a back exit, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Thailand electionsAccording to a report by Reuters, Yingluck has confirmed the general election will be held on Feb 2nd yesterday. A ruling party legal advisor attended the meeting told Reuters it would go ahead but declined to be named.

On January 27th Thailand’s criminal court dropped a request from the Department of Special Investigations to issue arrest warrants under the Emergency Decree for sixteen anti government protest leaders, citing a lack of tangible evidence. The list included many who were former Democrat MP’s such as Suthep Thaugsuban and Satit Wongnongtoey.

A deputy police spokeswoman has told reporters that the police are drafting plans to ensue the 2nd February election goes ahead. Responding to fears that the protests could escalate on Election Day, Pol. Col. Vichayakorn Nichabawarn said the police force is drafting plans to provide security to the polling stations to deter any violence.

Today it has been reported that the red shirt United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship will hold a mass rally nationwide on Friday. The red shirts’ Twitter account have posted messages announcing that in addition to the nationwide rally, a big event would be held in Samut Prakan on Friday evening.

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