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Launch of rockets for rain making to start next February or March

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Launch of rockets for rain making to start next February or March | Samui Times
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The Agricultural Aviation and Rain-making Department and the National Defence Technology Institute will start launching rockets into the atmosphere to make rains in next February or March.

rain making rocketsDepartment director-general Mr Lersak Riewtrakulpaiboon said Thursday that development of rockets to be used in rain-making with the National Defence Technology had been satisfactory to the point that a launch of the rockets could be held next February or March.

He said that this project was in response to an initiative by His Majesty the King about 15 years about the possibility of using rockets to scatter chemicals in the air to seed clouds. A project, called Piroon 2, was launched 1982-1987 but the attempt to use rockets to make rains was not successful until cooperation was sought with the National Defence Technology Institute.

Mr Lersak said if the forthcoming test launch was successful, a report would be submitted to HM the King for acknowledgement.

The department has set up an operational base in Nakhon Sawan to coordinate rain-making efforts.

General Sompong Mukdasakul, director of National Defence Technology Institute, disclosed that earlier attempts to send a rocket to an altitude of up to 20,000 feet were a failure but recent test launch was successful.

The use of rockets instead of planes to seed clouds will save a lot of expenses. Also, rockets can be launched even during bad weather while planes have to be grounded.

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