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Lawyer in “farang body in the freezer case” tells how he is going to get lead suspect off multiple rap – claims police irregularities

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Lawyer in “farang body in the freezer case” tells how he is going to get lead suspect off multiple rap – claims police irregularities | Samui Times
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The Thai lawyer who will appear for the lead suspect in the sensational “body in the freezer case” that gripped the nation last September has gone online to talk about the case.

Lawyer inBangkok lawyer “Adul” was speaking in a twenty minute “live” video on his Facebook page outlining the evidence against his US client “Peter” who is facing 11 charges including attempted murder.

It was filmed on a beach and presents many details of the case including photos and court documents in Thai.

The case was originally a raid on a Sukhumvit Soi 56 premises concerning fake passports. But a policeman was shot and a cut up corpse believed to belong to a Hungarian born US national was found in a deep freeze.

Adul refers to his client as “Peter” throughout mentioning him as holding a passport under the name of William Peter Johnson.

The name Herbert Craig La Fon also appears in documents.

Adul looks at all the 11 charges in detail saying how he will defend his client at the upcoming trial next Wednesday October 18th. A judge’s decision is then expected to follow within 30 to 45 days.

The charges include weapons possession, having fake passports, forging stamps, possessing drugs, visa irregularities and attempted murder.

Adul called the charges “heavy” as he outlined what he intended to argue in court.

In the video he claims extra evidence including a bullet was planted by police.

He questions the moving of a saw in photo evidence.

He questions whether people with just 7 passports were really involved in forgery when another case had many more.

He talks about irregularities in the appearance of Peter as he is led away from the premises where the raid occurred. Essentially he is suggesting his client was beaten up.

He talks about the state of his hair from one picture to the next as he is led away and talks of injuries on his clients body on his head and forehead.

He dismisses as nonsense police claims that his client made some “handcuff” injuries himself.

It is not until the last few minutes of the video until he mentions the body in the freezer and the fingerprint evidence that points to another suspect.

He questions evidence about a plastic bag containing a head and continues to suggest that Peter had nothing to do with the body in the freezer.

On drugs he says that “Peter hates drugs” and suggests he only had a bit of Ketamine “left over from the Vietnam war”.

He suggests that gunshot residue evidence will prove that his client did not shoot the cop, who later recovered after being hit.

Mentioning that it is an “honor” to defend his client in such an important case he ends the video by appealing for comments that may yet help the case saying it is not too late to make a difference.

Three men were arrested on September 23rd 2016 with former police chief Sanit Mahathavorn leading a high profile case that dominated the news for weeks.

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