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Le Beach Club – the perfect place to learn to sail

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Le Beach Club – the perfect place to learn to sail | Samui Times

One of the great joys of living on, or indeed visiting, a paradise island like Koh Samui, apart from the weather, is being able to enjoy the ocean.

Generally the azure waters of the gulf of Thailand are calm, inviting and relaxing.  There are many day trips to Koh Tao and the National Marine Park for divers, but if diving is not really your thing and you want to enjoy the ocean a bit closer to home the good news is that you can enjoy a wonderful ocean adventure without having to leave Koh Samui.

le beach club 2Introducing Le Beach Club Samui that has recently relocated to beautiful Lipa Noi. Le Beach Club is set on a quiet little beach away from the hustle and bustle of island life. The waters here are calm and inviting and when it comes to learning to sail it is hard to imagine a more idyllic spot.

The Le Beach Club team has well over ten years of sailing experience in Thailand, racing and cruising and sailing and is made up of manager K Dear, speed boat captain K Wan and  instructor Berenice Diveu who has just joined the team. Berenice is a friendly and experienced skipper who will be taking care of the sailing boats and stand up paddle boards. As well as the addition of Berenice, in January there will be three more sport catamarans to sail as well as the Hobie Teddy.

Catamarans are safe, fast and easy to operate when beaching and sailing in shallow waters and are suitable for all ages. Here beginners can learn to sail on tailor made sailing courses and sailing camps can be organized for children as young as eight. Sailors of all levels of experience can improve their skills and gain more experience under the reassuring supervision of experienced sailors at Le Beach Club Samui as well of course enjoying the picture perfect surroundings.

As well as learning to sail Le Beach Club Samui offers a wide choice of options for you to enjoy the sea, wake boards, water skis, a donut as well as the cats and the powerful two 150 HP speedboat is suitable for up to eight guests to explore hidden coves, beaches and waters of Samui, the National Marine Park, Koh Tan, Koh Matsum, the five islands and Koh Phangan.

le beach club 1The motor sailor catamaran, with two 20 HP Honda engines and two sails is a great option to explore for up to twelve guests and the pure sailing 8.5 m catamaran is a fast and fun option for sailing addicts who are welcome to go along and fly with the team when it is windy, race the ferries or join in with the regattas.

As well as the prefect sailing opportunity Le Beach Club Samui offers a stunning beachside bar and restaurant where you can sit back and relax, pre or post sailing, and enjoy the view, the boats, the incredible sunsets, a refreshing drink and some delicious, freshly prepared, dishes. This area, away from the main roads is a superb, and safe spot for children to play and the perfect place for parents to enjoy watching their children learn a new sport.

Le Beach Club Samui can be found just before the Naval Base past Nikki Beach.

For more information you can visit their website or call Berenice on 09 36240024

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