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Le Beach Club re opens its doors

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Le Beach Club re opens its doors | Samui Times
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After two months of hard work, Le Beach Club is reopening on Lipa Noi Beach, just before the Navy base.

On Monday, December the 16th we will be pleased to welcome you to discover the club, the boats, the new set up, and meet the team.

K Dear in a very short space of time has managed to create a new office and a casual bar right on the beach, where we park the boats.

La Beach Club We have also set up a new website where you can find photos and comments from our guests.

For our sailing activities Berenice Diveu is joining us, she is a sailing instructor, an experienced skipper and a friendly character. She will take care of the sailing boats and stand up paddle boards.

La beach club 1In January there will be 3 more sport catamarans to sail, we have purchased the Hobie Teddy because they are easy to learn on as well as being nice for experienced sailors with their jib, spinnaker and trapeze. With these 3 additional units our total fleet of catamarans amounts to 7 – 2 cruising boats and 5 sport cats.

As far as marketing is concerned, you will soon see new signs on the road to help you find us easily. And we will also be providing you with specific leaflets on our activities.

We thank you for your support, and we hope to see you in the new club and be sure the whole team will do its best to ensure your guests will have a fantastic time on the water.

Pierre Forsans Dec 9, 2013

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