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Leader of the anti-government leader orders protestors to take over police headquarters

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Leader of the anti-government leader orders protestors to take over police headquarters | Samui Times
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The leader of Thailand’s anti-government movement, Suthep Thaugsuban, has announced new targets for his supporters as protests appear set to continue. He called for demonstrators to take over the police headquarters in Bangkok in a defiant speech late on Monday.

This came after clashes broke out as protesters tried to storm the prime minister’s office, however Yingluck has rejected protesters’ demands that she step down.

The Prime Minister said she was open to negotiations but that calls for the government to be replaced by an appointed council was illegal and unconstitutional. So far four have died in the country’s worst political turmoil since the 2010 rallies that ended in violence.

bangkok protestsYesterday a court issued a second warrant for the arrest of protest leader Mr Suthep on charges of insurrection. The demonstrators want to replace the government with an unelected “People’s Council”, alleging Ms Yingluck’s government is controlled by her brother, ousted leader Thaksin Shinawatra.

“Come and join the people to get rid of the Thaksin regime and we can work together to change Thailand into a pure and democratic country,” the Associated Press quoted Mr Suthep as saying on Monday. “We’re going to gather all our forces and we’re going to take over the Metropolitan Police Bureau and make it the people’s.” The former opposition politician said on Sunday that Ms Yingluck should resign within the next “two days”, but she has so far resisted.

“Anything I can do to make people happy, I am willing to do… but as prime minister, what I can do must be under the constitution,” Ms Yingluck said in a televised address on Monday.

The protests, which began on 24 November, had been largely peaceful until Saturday, when they became violent.

Over the weekend demonstrators tried to break apart police barricades and storm the prime minister’s office, Government House, with police using tear gas and water cannon to repel them

On Monday, protesters returned to the streets again, throwing stones, fireworks and homemade explosives. Correspondents said the mood appeared nastier, with gangs of young men attempting to provoke riot police and smashing a police car. Demonstrators even used an articulated digger to try to break down the heavily-manned barricades at the prime minister’s office, but they failed to get through.

Ms Yingluck has said that she would not authorise the use of force against protesters.”I believe that no-one wants to see a repeat of history, where we saw the people suffer and lose their lives,” she said however the protesters allege that Mr Thaksin runs the government from overseas exile and accuse the current administration of using populist policies that are hurting Thailand’s economy to remain in power.

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