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League of Gentlemen 10th of July

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League of Gentlemen 10th of July | Samui Times
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On July 10th The League of Gentlemen Wednesday Night Pool League Games were in full swing around the island.
Tams Bar were having a particularly chaotic night with the M&M’s boys who were even rowdier than usual having spent the afternoon watching the Ashes. The very noisy evening started with Harry taking on T-bone who looked like he was going to get an easy win but bungled his pot on the black. With six balls left on the table Harry went in for the kill, potting one and leaving T-bone snookered on the black, however Harry had underestimated T-bones talent at getting himself out of snooker type situations and looked on in horror as T-bone potted the black and took the first frame of the evening. Ian then took on Flea, who was in such high spirits he miscued the ball and then came very close to potting the black before putting any of the other balls down. Regaining his composure he put in a couple of great shots that won him the second frame. Simon then took on Todd who threw in a few good shots before buckling under the pressure of the team heckling him and put in a couple of appalling ones that lost him the frame. Dean then took on Steve who put in what would have been a fabulous shot had the white ended up in the pocket, but despite his blunder he won the third frame for the away team. Nitesh then took on Simon after a small delay while Simon did his hair in the bathroom. Despite looking very dapper Simon lost his frame to an enthusiastic Nitesh. Dave then took on Nippa who was playing in fine form despite his team forgetting to pick him up on the way to the game and took yet another win for his team. Harry then took on Johnny, who put in a guest appearance having left the island over a year ago, and only returning to remind the pool community that he knows how to win a frame when he took the score to 2 – 5. After an evening of high jinx M&M’s drove home, this time with Nippa in toe, with a 5-13 victory.

Over at Queens Pub the Premier Sports Bar were doing their best to beat the home team. First up was Harold and Ian who took the first frame for the away team and Steve took the second when he beat Gregor. Andy got the first frame for the home team, beating Dennis before Andy beat Roger2, Timmy beat John and Harold beat Steve. Premier Bar team captain Ian then showed off his pool skills by beating Gregor taking the score to 4-3. Andy then beat Roger2, Torsten beat John and Timmy beat Dennis forging head to a 7-3 for the home team. The Premier Bar then staged a bit of a comeback when Roger beat Harold, John beat Gregor and Dennis beat Andy but despite their best efforts they only won one more frame and went home with a 13-7 defeat to Queens Pub.

Across the road at Thairish Bar, Hakuna Matata were taking a bit of a thrashing from the home team. Bob started the annihilation by beating George. Shadow then beat Rus and Mike beat Ian. Dave then lost his game to Nan who got the first frame in for the away team. Bob then beat Keo, Shadow beat George, Mike beat Rus and Dave beat Ian. Hakuna Matata then got their second frame of the evening when Nan beat Ian. Despite their best efforts Hakuna Matata only managed to take two further frames leaving the home team with a 13-4 victory.

In Bangrak Riks at the Office suffered a similar fate when they got thrashed by Nang Su Pim. The game should have been played at the Office but due to a private function it was played at the Bamboo Bar and on their home turf the now home team won frame after frame taking the score to 11-1 before Andy got a frame in for the away team, but it was the only one they did get as Nang Su Pim flew to a 13 -1 victory.

In Lamai the Chillin v Kinaree was a very close game that went to 12 -13 however the Samui Rock Café v Max bar was not quite as close, as the Max Bar boys walked away with a 4-13 win and the Red Hot Bar v Osteria game was postponed.

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