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League of Gentlemen Pool July 17th

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League of Gentlemen Pool July 17th | Samui Times
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On Wednesday 17th the M&M’s League of Gentlemen games were being played around the island. At Nang Su Pim the Samui Rock Café were taking a bit of a hammering from the home team. The night started out with team captain Mark taking on Peter and wining. Yak then threw a Yak attack at Don and won. Nang then took on Hakan and won her frame. Dave then took on Samui Rock Café captain Dan and won his frame. Tim then miscued on the break but had a great run of shots and went on to win his frame against June despite her determination to get a score on the board for the Samui Rock Café.

SAM_2691Mark then took on Don and played some superb shots and looked like he was on for a clearance but missed one shot and cursed himself for doing it. However, Don missed his shot putting Mark back up again but he missed his shot and said “there is no cigar for that one”, Don then totally missed his shot giving Mark a third chance to clear up, but down went the white giving Don another glimmer of hope as Mark left him nicely lined up on the black. Don then cocked the black up leaving Mark one ball and the black to pot. What looked like an impossible pot went down for Mark to cheers of ‘great shot’ from both teams and the black then shot down the pocket before the white shot across the table, the crowd drew breath as it kissed the pocket but stayed on the table putting Nang Su Pim 6-0 up. Nang then took on Dan and won her second frame of the evening after potting two balls with one shot. Yak then put in a huge break but nothing went down in his game against Pete who, for some unfathomable reason, decided he wanted to play with the worst cue available and found one that had been repaired with sticky tape and even managed to put in one or two great shots with it, but was no match for Yak who won. Dave then took on June who was even more determined to get the first frame in for Samui Rock Café and during her effort had all eyes looking her way as she bent over the table in her high heels and animal print dress! Despite looking breathtaking Dave dashed all of her hopes by playing some great shots and takiSAM_2695ng the frame. Tim then took on Hakan who had some very unlucky shots, including a fabulous pot that was ruined by the white following it down. Tim followed the same fate also potting the white but had a lot less on the table and went on to win the frame. Mark then took on Dan and left him with five balls left on the table when the black went down. Yak then threw a Yak attack in Don’s direction winning his frame and the evening culminated with Nang and June, both wearing animal print stalking the table like tigers. June was doing her best to finally get Samui Rock Café on the board, despite Dan’s cries to not mess up their losing streak. June took her shot at the black while Nang still had one ball left to pot. June missed the black and Nang nailed her shot and nailed the black taking a 13-0 win for Nang Su Pim as Dan yelled out “guess who is calling in sick next time we have to play this ****ing bar”

Down the road at M&M’s to the sounds of 80’s music the home team and Chillin bar had made a total pigs ear of the score board and nobody seemed to know what was going on but everybody was having a great time all the same. With T-bone and Flea absent M&M’s had a big task on SAM_2703their hands and enthusiastically gave it their best shot. Steve went up first against Max who won. Team captain Todd-aroonie, then took on Allan and played some super shots wining the frame. Nippa then lost his game to Tao before Don Roberto lost his to Fedor. Steve then won a frame against Mats, before Todd was victorious once again beating Max. Nippa then lost his second frame of the evening this time to Allan before Don Roberto lost his second frame of the night this time to Tao. Steve then got his second win in against Tao and Todd took his third fantastic win of the night, this time against Fedor. Nippa then displayed some excellent pool skills and beat Mats. Don Roberto however lost once again this time to Allan. Steve continued to play well and beat Fedor. The score edged its way up until the wee small hours and what turned out to be a great, if rather long night of pool, culminated in a 12-13 win for Chillin.

SAM_2704At the Premier Bar, who were also apparently having an 80’s night, the frames were pretty evenly matched against Red Hot Bar. Ian took the first frame against Jac and Roger2 took the second frame from Nick getting the Premier Bar off to a good start but then John then lost his frame to an enthusiastic Red Hot Bar player Martyn. However Premier Bar’s Steve notched up another point by beating Meinhard, Dennis followed suit by beating Kevin and team captain Ian beat David. The winning streak then halted when Roger2 then took a loss to Jurgen and John lost to Jac. Steve got the ball rolling again for the Premier by beating Nick, then Dennis stopped it dead in its tracks when he lost to Martyn before John lost to Meinahard and Roger2 lost to Jurgen taking the half way score to 6-6. Picking up the pace for the home team John then beat David but matching it back Red Hot Bar’s Jac beat Steve taking it to 7-7. Dennis then beat Nic and Martyn beat John once again equaling out the score to 8-8. Roger2 then lost his frame against Jurgen and John lost his to Meinhard giving the away team the upper hand. Steve, who had been playing well all evening then beat David and Dennis beat Jack taking the score to 10-10. Premier bar then pulled out in front when Ian beat Martyn and Roger2 beat Neiner and John beat Jurgen taking the glory and a 13-10 win for the home team.

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