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Lee “pitbull” Aldhouse receives 25 years in a Thai jail for the murder of Dashawn Longfellow

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Lee “pitbull” Aldhouse receives 25 years in a Thai jail for the murder of Dashawn Longfellow | Samui Times
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Lee “Pitbull” Aldhouse, a British kick boxer has been sentenced to twenty five years in jail for the murder of Dashawn Longfellow, an American Marine. Aldhosue found himself in a brawl with Longfellow on August 14th in Phuket, which he lost. Later he fatally stabbed Mr Longfellow out isde his Rawai home. After the murder Aldhouse fled back to his native UK where he was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Thailand successfully filed for his extradition that was granted after two years of hearings and appeals but only on the condition that Aldlee pitbullhouse would not face the death penalty for his crime.

Initially Aldhouse denied murdering Mr Longfellow but on August 28 changed his plea to guilty and apologized to the victim’s family. This allows the judge in the case to apply the standard of halving the sentence for those who genuinely enter a plea of guilty and in this case the sentence was reduced to twenty five years.

Lee - longfellowBoth sides in the case now have one month to appeal the sentence as either too long or too shot, however the lawyer for Aldhouse said there were no plans to appeal the length of the sentence of to allow him to serve his sentence in the UK, he remarked “ he has plenty of things to do in the prison in Thailand”.

Mr. Longfellow’s sister Marquis Longfellow said on a facebook page dedicated to his memory “ 25 years is not long enough. Lee took the life of our hero and because of his actions our family will never be able to see the light in my brother’s eyes or the smile on his face. Lee deserves to rot in hell. Don’t get me wrong 25 years is better than nothing but it damn sure is not long enough for a man who intentionally took the life of an American hero for no other reason than a bruised ego. I hate Lee and I hope that one day karma will catch up with him ten fold so he can have a little taste of the pain he has brought to our family”.

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