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Letter from a disgruntled reader about disabled parking in Tesco Lamai

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Letter from a disgruntled reader about disabled parking in Tesco Lamai | Samui Times
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Hello, I am a disabled person, I don’t need a wheelchair but I need a walking stick due to spinal surgery. Since Tesco opened in Lama there has been a problem with disabled parking. First the spaces given for disabled parking were used for a taxi rank and the taxi drivers wouldn’t let you park. About 18 months ago there was a newspaper report about this problem and Tesco appointed new parking bays for disabled parking as well as for mother and child parking which is great but for some reason the security tesco parkingguards let motorbikes park in the disabled parking bays. I have been to the customer services counter to mention about this problem well over ten times and they are all polite and say it will be dealt with so I thank you, they have even put two more signs up in Thai to say about the parking is for disabled people but the security guards still let motorbikes park there. So instead of banging my head against a brick wall every time I try to park at Tesco I just thought I could point this problem out to the Samui Times and maybe do a report about it. I know I’m not in Europe but all it needs is for the guards to do their job and stop bikes parking there. This week when I went in to complain the girl said to me that there’s many people in Lamai so that’s why bikes park there! So with logic like that I need help especially when half the car park is empty and the motorbike parking is less than half full. I’m sorry for going on a bit but I feel that this matter is important not just to me but all of the disabled people who use Tesco Lamai, what do the other readers think?

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