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Letter to the editor – Absolutely abysmal service from Seatran Ferrys

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Letter to the editor – Absolutely abysmal service from Seatran Ferrys | Samui Times
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In this letter to the editor one of our readers tells of the service she got from Seatran during the stormy weather.

Absolutely abysmal service from them on the 24th December. I am a resident on Samui and have no problems with waiting because of rough seas, we queued for 4 and a half hours on the 23rd and ended up staying in a local hostel (500THB) after ferries were cancelled. A bit inconvenient but when the weather is stormy there is nothing anyone can do. We got to the queue at 4am on the 24th to wait as we were advised by the people on the information desk. There was no information on the website and nobody was answering the call centre, we tried 3 different numbers and only one connected. I decided to walk to the information desk. I was told no cars would get on the ferry unless they were pre-booked, I asked in several different ways including in Thai, to clarify the situation. Very clearly I was told no cars unless pre-booked and that our car would definitely not get on the ferry that day. I asked if rumours of a second ferry for just queuing cars was being put on and was told a certain no. I asked her to send someone on a bike ( like they did yesterday) to tell the queuing cars as they clearly did not know. She just smiled and nodded (mai pen rai) I arranged alternative methods of going back to Samui-passenger ticket today and go back to pick up the car Boxing Day. Whilst preparing to board the ferry we approached an official and made our concerns known that the people in the queue did not know they weren’t getting a ferry today. She bluntly told us there was information on the website and that announcements had been made. I had the website on my phone at that moment and there was nothing there. We didn’t hear any announcements whilst queuing so I asked a man in the queue at the front he stated there had been no announcements since yesterday. Just before boarding the official admitted there was nothing on the website but it was on Facebook and that it would be updated for the other cars. Satisfied that we had helped others get some sort of information we got on the ferry and to our dismay there were people from the queuing cars that were in front of us and behind us who were able to board the boat with their cars! Now this wouldn’t have been a problem had we not been renting the car which we now have to pay another 3600 THB For having it two extra days. I don’t mind waiting, I don’t mind if the staff have no information, but I do mind when my journey costs nearly 5000THB more because the staff give false information and no announcements are made to waiting passengers.

In the future Seatran need to have a system in place to give information for queuing traffic and improve their customer service. I have still had no response from them on this matter.

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