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Letter to the editor – another interesting twist in the murder case

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Letter to the editor – another interesting twist in the murder case | Samui Times

I have been baffled by the press coverage of the tragic Koh Tao murders, we have been told it was a group of migrant workers, the childhood friends of one of the victims, who it was also suggested was gay, we have seen CCTV footage that was supposed to be the couple walking hand in hand to the beach that was clearly not them as the girl had black hair, we have been told it could not have been a Thai person and today it seems women are now going under scrutiny.

In another interesting media twist the UK’s Daily Mirror reported that the women in Koh Tao were being tested for their DNA and were asked to hold a board with their name on it outside the bars and restaurants that they work in along with a number before having their footprints tested. The report says that they girls waited politely to be called, were tested and then went back to work in the local bars and restaurants.

One can only assume they are trying to establish if a relative of the perpetrator is still on the island but if that is so it was missed out of the report.

It is hard to say where these reports emerge from and one has to question whether they are true. If they are not true then who on earth is leaking these preposterous tales to the press and if they are true this has to go down as one of the most intriguing criminal cases in the history of possibly the world!

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