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Letter to the editor – what is it with blue water pipe?

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Letter to the editor – what is it with blue water pipe? | Samui Times
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I have been on holiday in Koh Samui four times now and as well as enjoying the island and looking at wonder around the beauty of Koh Samui, the beaches, the mountains, the nature, it never ceases to amaze me what blue water pipe is used for. Blue water pipe seems to have so many uses in Koh Samui and I am guessing all over Thailand. It pops up everywhere. I have seen it used to hold beach umbrellas, and bunched together to hold umbrellas in hotels, I have seen it used, cut in half, as a cover for a street lamp and one lady I know was even using it to roll out pastry. I am wondering where the uses for this pipe end and wondered if your readers have been as amazed as I have been over something so normally insignificant that has what seems to be a million uses.

Debbie Wilks

Note from the editor

After a little bit of research the Samui Times found a man in Chiang Mai called Tom Tilley who seems to have made just about everything there is to make out of blue water pipe, however we would like to challenge our readers to send in their photos of alternative uses for blue water pipe if they can top some of these ingenious inventions.

blue water pipe 1

Basketball hoop

blue water pipe 2

Laptop stand


Netbook treadmill hook

blue water pipe 6

Bookshelf support

blue water pipe 7

Tron controller

blue water pipe 8

Racing cars

blue water pipe 9

Pinball table leg extension

blue water pipe 10

CD rack

blue water pipe

Goal posts

This is just a small sample of Toms talents with blue water pipe to see more click here to visit his website – we look forward to seeing other uses that you have spotted around the island.

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