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Letter to the editor – the Chaweng roundabout

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – the Chaweng roundabout | Samui Times
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I am very concerned about the roundabout by Chaweng lake. I was a bit surprised that it did not come with a big billboard with instructions when it was installed as clearly hardly anybody from this side of the world knows how to use it. However now there is increased traffic due to Central Festival it is even more of a hazard.

roundabout 3I could be wrong here but I don’t think there are many roundabouts in Thailand so I doubt very much that anybody has much experience using them and I am very sure how to use one does not appear in the Thai driving license test and let’s face it, how many people have actually taken than test anyway, so even if it was on there it would not help very much.

I am not trying to blame anybody for the chaos around the roundabout but it would be good if somehow we could get some sort of instructions out there so everybody knows how to correctly use it or if maybe we had a road traffic police officer directing the traffic until such a time came that people use it in the correct way so it is not such a dangerous hotspot on the island.


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