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Letter to the Editor – concerns about Koh Tao cover up

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the Editor – concerns about Koh Tao cover up | Samui Times
I’m a UK expat and have lived in Thailand for nearly 10 years, in that time I have learned above all else is that very few Thais are trustworthy and just about all authority is corrupt.
It was then with little surprise to hear the police claim to have solved the terrible and violent murders of a young English couple on Koh Tao. How convenient, it has allegedly turned out to be two illegal immigrant workers from Myanmar.
I do know though from following the feign press that the Thai military government who came to power following a bloodless coup d’ etat in May of this year, are very concerned. Firstly from the adverse effect the coup itself is having on the tourist industry which will be further if not irretrievably damaged if Thais are found to be involved in this murder.
About 28 million people visit Thailand every year from all over the world and the revenue gained from it is more than 6% of the country’s GPD and has already been badly dented by news of the coup itself.
The talk in Koh Samui is of the usual cover up, another sinister whitewash, it’s all about image and I’m sorry to say Thailand’s reputation is at stake, it is becoming a violent country where life is regarded as cheap.

Today in the Thai press it is reported that the alleged confession was gained only after torture but is backed up by irrefutable DNA evidence. Let’s hope so but I have a feeling we have not heard the last of this awful event.

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