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Letter to the editor – feedback on your Juice Queen advertiser

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Letter to the editor – feedback on your Juice Queen advertiser | Samui Times
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After seeing your advertisement for cold pressed organic juice in the Samui Times I decided it was time for a heath kick and ordered a few juices. I contacted the company via the website and contacted a lovely lady called Kwang. I asked her a little about the juices and she explained that she uses fresh and organic vegetables and does not use preservatives or sugar. When you cold press juice all of the enzymes stay intact so you need to be ready for a serious vitamin hit, you also need to be ready for some serious tastes going on, the juices are prepared with no heat so you get the true taste of the fruits and vegetables.

juice queen 2Although there is a cleanse on offer I decided that was a bit too much off the bat and just went for a juice a day for a week to see if I felt any better.

On day one I had Mountain Greens. This drink was very earthy and rich in flavors it contains broccoli stem, spinach, parsley, ginger, celery, lemon and cucumber. It is probably not a substitute for a cocktail when it comes to taste but the ginger gives it a nice kick and it was very easy to drink.

The following day I went for The Golden Sun – the flavors in this drink were very citrus with a real hit of orange that I could tell from the taste had not been peeled before it was pressed, it contains orange, grapefruit and seasonal citrus varietals and was quite a wakeup call for the taste buds.

Throughout the week I tried Minty Greens, a really refreshing combination of Romaine, spinach, mint, cucumber and lemon, Magic Sip – a fresh honeydew, cilantro and lime, a really rich and warm Gingered Aid of green apple, lemon and ginger, that was my favorite and the Beauty Queen of watermelon, mint, cucumber and aloe vera.

All of the drinks were really nice, I had them chilled and was surprised to find how much they filled me up and quickly became rather addictive.

After the week I decided to join the membership scheme as a Juice Enthusiast and am looking forward to having twenty five bottles a month delivered to my door as well as getting a 10% discount of any others that I order.

Not really a big healthy eater and not one for doing a lot of exercise this is really great way to introduce something more healthy into my life and even after only one week I found I have more energy and clearer skin. I also noticed a small drop in my blood pressure and an improved digestive system.

I would like to share my experience with your readers and recommend the great service I got from Juice Queen

Note from the editor – have you tried juicing? What are your experiences with Juice Queen? Send you letters to to find out more about Juice Queen Click Here

Annie – Bang Por

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