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Letter to the editor – help needed for a man and his family with nowhere to turn

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Letter to the editor – help needed for a man and his family with nowhere to turn | Samui Times
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The Samui Times has today received a letter from a man who has found himself in a predicament that many find themselves in living as an ex-pat in Thailand. Many who arrive on these sunny shores find work, love and start a family, but what happens when you lose your job and have a family to support in a country that, unlike many of the home countries of ex-pats, does not have a state system that is designed to help those out of work. Where do you turn when you are no longer able to support your wife and children? This is Mr. A’s plea for help –

help neededLast year, I lost my job as an information security expert in Bangkok. Since then I am fighting desperately to get a new one. I am 48 years old, perfectly healthy, full of energy and have a deep passion for information security. I possess aside from my knowledge and experience, seven certifications from different areas such as auditing, fraud examination, risk management etc.

I have applied to more than 400 jobs not only in Thailand, but in Europe as well. While it is very difficult for foreigners to get a job in Thailand due to various reasons, it appears to be also very difficult to get a company somewhere in Europe to hire a guy from Thailand.

“Why I am not getting a job?” is a question that I have asked myself over and over again. It’s not my age. It’s not my experience and knowledge. It’s even not the quality of my CV. I have tried different tactics without luck so far. A conundrum. No hope?

Unfortunately, the only source of income we had until two weeks ago, a remote job over the Internet for $15 per hour, is gone now as well. Due to a software that has been developed to automates the tasks I have done manually. “You are no longer required.”

We have only a few baht left on the bank account and we have to survive. As you know, there are no social welfare actions in Thailand, especially not for foreigners. We don’t have friends with money. My wife’s parents are poor farmers living hundreds of miles away upcountry and don’t have any money to support us. My own parents live in Germany and are both very old, sick, and barely survive with the little pension they have.

We all three, my wife, daughter and I, are running in panic mode now. We need help and we need that help really fast to keep us going until I finally get a job either here or outside of Thailand.

It is a difficult predicament for anybody to find themselves in and while there may be state help in this man’s home country of Austria he told the Samui Times “yes, of course, there are social welfare services, but I would need to get there first. However, that also means that I have to leave my little family behind without any money. It is certainly a difficult situation because I really can’t move forward without help in one way or the other.”

If you have any help or advice to offer, or a job opportunity for Mr. A please contact us, and we will put you in touch with him directly. He is currently living in Bang Na, Bangkok.

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