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Letter to the editor – Keyed Car – Lamai

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Letter to the editor – Keyed Car – Lamai | Samui Times
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When visiting Lamai I tend to park on the left around halfway along the centre road between the outback bar and the one way bar. I’m not what you’d call a frequent visitor but will occasionally do so between the hours of dash cam car scratches2000-2300hrs, a time when any restaurants along there are winding down & parking isn’t a problem. On Tue 03 March however things were a little different. I had to attend a meeting quite early that evening and in order to avoid the mayhem expected at last light/rush hour I arrived at around 1715hrs. I parked the car as usual & duly drove home again at around 2030hrs after a quick 360 check for any obvious dents from passing traffic. It wasn’t until the following morning that my wife noticed 2x deliberate scratches on the offside passenger door when she saw the car in daylight.

I briefly considered viewing CCTV footage & reporting the matter but the damage isn’t particularly bad & the punishment wouldn’t be worth the effort. I have instead written this letter in the hope that others will give the area as wide a birth as I intend to, and that they’ll think twice before frequenting the restaurants near where I had legitimately parked.


James Wormold



– The above photo extracted from my dashcam shows exactly when & where I parked that night, inc GPS coordinates when viewed via the appropriate software.

scratched car– My offside rear door sustained 2 x right to left horizontal scratches 8” & 6” in length, the height & depth suggesting the culprit was right handed & female using a bike or car key.

– In the last year I have had a bike park aggressively in front of me while trying to park there causing me to move. I have also been boxed in by bikes at other times although this in no way justifies their action or suggests I’m a repeat offended (several months passed between each). No one has ever asked me to move or shown concern.

– The road is HM highway & very unlikely to be included in anyone’s lease.

– Signs on the pavement confirm parking is allowed.

– As my car is registered to a local address in my wife’s name I cannot rule out the Racist element to this crime. If the driver hadn’t been seen it’s highly unlikely that a locally registered car would have been targeted due to fear of consequences.

– Friends have since shown me some better places to park

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