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Letter to the editor – New drivers theory test

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Letter to the editor – New drivers theory test | Samui Times
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On Sunday the 31st August I had my wallet stolen by pick-pockets in Walking Street Lamai, amongst other things it contained both of my Thai driving license’s.
driving test in SamuiI took my police report to the Department of Transport on the following Monday and I was able to get my motor cycle driving license replaced. However, the the department claimed they had no record of me ever taking a car driving test and I would have to take it again. Thailand has one of the worst road accident death rates in the world and the government are committed to halving the 10,000 deaths per year over the next few years. As a result in June of last year a much more difficult drivers theory test was introduced which currently has a 70% plus failure rate. Gone are the choice of any 30 questions out of 60 with a 75% pass mark, now it is 50 straight question and you are required to achieve 45 or 90% correct answers.
The test for us farangs is both ambiguous and misleading together with some very bad translation to English. I failed the first two attempts with 74 % and 72% correct answers. I found on the Internet by chance a site called Take the New Thai Driving Test Online, it’s been put together by in response to complaints from all over Thailand from farangs saying the new test is far too difficult. The site takes you through three test paper examples of 30 question each together with the correct answers. I took my theory test again today 8th September and passed with 96% correct answers, I would never have been able to pass without the help of this Website.
I sincerely hope it will also assist others who wish to take the Thai driving test. Thank you Thaivisa!

Ginger Marks.

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