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Letter to the editor – New images on cigarette packages

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – New images on cigarette packages | Samui Times
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I wondered if anybody finds the new images on cigarette packages effective in making them want to quit smoking. I enjoy a very unhealthy 20 a day habit and frankly find the new images disgusting. The old ones were really not that bad and to me did not really reflect the true illnesses cigarettes new imagescaused by smoking. The one of the foot looked as though somebody had put their cigarette out in a bucket of gasoline and set fire to their toes, the guy blowing smoke into the babies face did not make a great deal of sense to me in terms of my own personal risk, the dead hand/arm at the temple again that person could have died of just about anything and may not even have been dead, the teeth one was pretty gross but I am sure that my pretty straight teeth would never wind up looking like that and the great big tumor thing on the ladies face looked like it had been stuck on with glue. So now we have the new batch. The guy with half his mouth missing looks like he has been in a car crash, the fingers with the limp cigarette is just really funny, my husband smokes and does not seem to have limp cigarette syndrome, the one with the hole in the neck frankly looks like a different orifice I won’t mention, the baby one is a really shocking image but do kids that age really smoke? Then there is one that looks like a brain with some blueberry pie filling in it and the new teeth one, well OK the guy has receding gums but has the most pearly white teeth I have ever seen! Do these images really work? I would be interested to know if they are actually putting anybody off smoking!

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