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Letter to the editor – Petrol station scam

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Letter to the editor – Petrol station scam | Samui Times
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Yesterday I was going from Chaweng to Lamai and stopped to buy gasoline at the large PTT shop on the left hand side of the ring road as you are leaving Chaweng, the one with the 7/11 attached. I ordered 500 baht of 91%. Drove off and noticed that the gauge was not showing what it petrol stationnormally would for 500 baht. Sure enough by the time I got home my tank was nearly empty again, most strange for a trip I do twice a week for the last 5 years. So today I went back ordered another 500 bahts worth.One guy signaled i could go, but there was another guy pretending to fix the pump and he was standing with both arms raised so I could not read how much gas he had put in…I got out of the car, went to the pump and he finally moved to reveal that he had only put in 400 baht and had accepted the 500.I went straight to the cashier who questioned him, now i can speak pretty good Thai. The guys were working as a team no doubt and tried to tell me I had only ordered 400 bahts worth. So why I asked is there 500 baht in your hand and you were motioning me to move off. They stuck to that story, the cashier told them to put another 100 baht in, what about yesterday I asked? You should have told us then, nothing we can do now. No sorry no nothing, so it’s only fair I let all the other targets out there know about this scam and avoid that particular business.Very poor form indeed.


Note from the editor – have you been a victim of a gasoline scam? Or have a story you would like to share with our readers. If there is something you would like to say email

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