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Letter to the editor – Possible new scam in Chaweng

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – Possible new scam in Chaweng | Samui Times
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Dear Editor, I wanted to warn your readers that there is possibly a new scam going on in Chaweng. Last night I went to meet some friends in Chaweng. I parked my car in the car-park behind the Green Mango nightclub and walked to a popular beach road bar. We sat overlooking the main drag and enjoyed a cold beer and some people watching.

As it is the New Year and festive season I decided to have a Margarita instead of a beer for my second drink before making my way home. As soon as I had a few sips of this drink I stated to feel lightheaded, rather breathless and generally unwell. I did not suspect any kind of date rape drug as people my age to not generally face that kind of threat and put it down to not being used to Margarita as I never normally drink them. I decided to leave and make my way home as by now I was feeling really off colour.

As I got into the car park behind the Green Mango I wandered over to my car and was stopped by a man who I would say was around 25 years old ,mixed race and from what I can remember he had an slight American accent. He came over to me and said “hey don’t I know you?” I said no as I had never clapped eyes on him before. He said “yes I saw you earlier today drinking with friends on Chaweng Beach Road” I said no, as I had not been in Chaweng earlier in the day only for the one and a half drinks I had just had. Then he said “yes I did see you today, you were drinking Margarita” at this point I had a sinking feeling because I never drink Margarita ordinarily and this guy knew what I had had to drink. I kept on a brave face and tried to get closer to my car. I said to the man “what is it that you need”? he said nothing and that his name was Jason and he asked my name and shook my hand, he said he just came over to say hi because I looked familiar. I found this to be rather odd because I was in dark car park, it was obvious by the way that I was dressed I am not a tourist and he was young enough to be my son. I very quickly got into my car and he disappeared.

This could all be very innocent, however I found it all very strange and wanted to tell the Samui Times readers to be a little cautious if they are approached in that car park.

Editors note: Have any of our other readers experienced anything similar to this? Was this just a case of a young guy trying to be friendly or is this something less appealing? Please contact if you have had a similar experience

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