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Letter to the editor – Suggestions to improve road safety-Samui

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Letter to the editor – Suggestions to improve road safety-Samui | Samui Times
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Suggestions to improve road safety-Samui


  1. Motorbikes: As a bare minimum I’d like to see 2x outsized high visibility vests under each seat of hired bikes (a small rider can wear a big one….) Getting people to wear helmets isn’t easy, but if they can at least be seen a night we might reduce the accident rate a little.


  1. Dashcams: Rental outlets would reduce the chances of claims against their insurers if they fitted dashcams to each of their hire cars. Any resident that doesn’t already have one places himself in a position of weakness in event of an accident. A good dashcam (Dual camera/HD) costs no more than THB 2,500.


  1. Traffic lights: Most are in the wrong position (after a junction instead of before it), causing tourists to end up in the firing line when they stop at the foot of a red light. The lights in Maenam have erroneously shown GREEN (front and left/right across oncoming traffic simultaneously) from the day they were erected 13 years ago. The lights at Laem Din and Tesco have one or more bulb missing, often for years at a time, while the lights themselves are at a 45 degree angle, resulting in confusion as to which lane they serve. As these are covered by CCTV I’d expect any faults to have been noticed & fixed almost immediately. The timing on some sets of lights seems to make traffic worse instead of better, particularly during high season.


  1. Volumn of traffic: At Christmas/New Year and perhaps Easter/Songkran too the authorities should consider preventing private cars that aren’t registered to a Samui address from boarding inbound ferries. This will of course mean that they’ll have to first improve public transport and eliminate the multi tiered pricing system that currently prevails. Between 15 Dec 13 & 10 Jan 14 traffic between Santa Buri (Maenam) & Tesco Chaweng resembled the gridlock usually associated with Bangkok because there were frankly too many cars on the road including quite a few who didn’t know where they were going (“Sunday drivers”). I assume traffic from Lamai was as bad.


Note: I usually encounter one accident per week between those two points. The most I stumbled upon during any given day last Christmas/New Year was FIVE!


  1. Lamp Posts: The standard of street lighting needs to improve, to include the entire ring road and all towns and villages.


  1. Footpaths: Awnings, lamp posts, telegraph poles, trees & temporary retail outlets should be cleared to the point where people (inc prams or wheelchairs) aren’t forced to walk among traffic.


  1. One way system(s): Need I explain?


  1. Roundabout/Give way/Right of way: As above.


9. Entering/Exiting a supermarket etc by Car or bike: For any country that drives on the left entering or leaving a supermarket etc from the left should be normal. The only place on the island where traffic routinely adheres to this is Makro.

A Partridge,


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