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Letter to the editor – ticks and Eco Pest

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Letter to the editor – ticks and Eco Pest | Samui Times
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I wanted to share with your readers my experience of ticks and the recent problem I had with them and reassure anybody else suffering the same problem that you are not alone and there is a solution that will not break the bank.
When I first discovered my dog had a few ticks I did not think a lot of it, and simply pulled them off and put them in a cup of water to drown. Over the next few days the amount of ticks increased until sadly my dog developed tick fever. I felt a bit guilty, but as I had treated my dog with Frontline and had been taking the ticks off I figured that it probably was not really my fault. I took my dog to the local vet who gave me a bit of a dirty look when she saw just how many of these disgusting little critters were on her and gave me some tablets for the dog, injected the dog and sent me on my way.
ticksA week after starting the treatment there was little to no improvement and I was spending up to an hour a day picking off tick after tick. I took her back to the vet after two weeks of persevering with the medication, only to find more ticks ever day. The vet gave me a tick collar, some anti tick shampoo and gave the dog another injection. She also suggested that there may be ticks in my house, an idea I found pretty abhorrent, in view of that I accepted a little bottle of solution to mix with water to spray any areas of my house I thought might have ticks.
I got home and watered down the solution, 1.5ml to a liter of water and started to spray, to my horror thousands of ticks started crawling out of every nook and cranny. My partner and I spent the next two days taking the house apart and spraying every last corner of it. The solution made our eyes run, gave us both a cough and smelled so bad we had to leave the house.
Three days after our nightmare weekend with the vile chemical the dog still had ticks and there were still ticks crawling around the house. I became obsessed with going around killing them one by one.
I don’t know why I did not think about getting in the professionals, but when I did I was under the impression that we would have to fumigate the house, perhaps move out for a few days, I figured it would be very expensive and it was likely we would have to burn our furniture or at least dismantle everything in order for any treatment to work. It turned out I was very wrong.
My first step to a tick free life was to email Eco Pest a company on the island that had been recommended to me. I was quite surprised because I emailed at around 5-30 and got a message back right away. A friendly email came back informing me that ticks have a gestation period of around ten days so it would be a good idea to treat the house again as we had done in ten days time if we wanted to continue to deal with the problem ourselves, I was also advised not to mop as it would dilute the spray. The email went on to say that the company could come and spray for me if I did not want to treat the house again myself, I was impressed that she gave me free advice and help, and not just push the services of the company.
The idea of a second weekend diluting vile chemicals and not being able to breathe filled me with dread so I asked how much it would cost for them to come and spray. I was flabbergasted to find the basic charge was only 1,500 baht. I have quite a large house and garden and thought perhaps that was per room, the reply came back that the charge was for the house and astonishingly for the garden as well. Even more amazing was that we did not have to move out, the chemicals that would be used were not harmful to us or the dog and life would go on as always. I booked up right away.
The following day a very friendly and polite gentleman arrived at the house and sat with me explaining all about ticks. He assured me that many people have this problem and I did not feel like the dirty tick infestation lady I had been feeling like prior to his visit. The friendly chap explained that the house and garden would need to be treated a couple of times to really get a hold on the situation. He then mixed up some chemicals in water and put a clever looking contraption on his back with a motor and in less than ten minutes the entire garden had been sprayed, no smell, no bother. He then used a different machine to do the entire house that again took less than ten minutes, no fumes, no smell no problem. I did not have to move anything and the spray dried up really quickly. After that shocking DIY tick treatment weekend I felt like such a fool for not bringing in the professionals in the first place. As had been explained to me a few ticks did emerge after the spraying at they are trying to get away from imminent death, but since then I have not seen any. The whole process was so easy I could not believe it could be so simple or so inexpensive. Of course there is still another spraying to do to make sure we are on top of the situation and because the spray is water based you need to ensure the garden is done on a nice sunny day as rain will wash the treatment away. For the same reason its best not to mop the house once it has been sprayed but you can still sweep.
For anybody that finds themselves suffering from a tick infestation don’t bother trying to do it yourself, just contact Eco Pest, I would like to highly recommend them as in my experience they offer such a great service. My dog is now being bathed every day and although it was not an overnight cure for her, I have only found one or two ticks on her. I will look forward to giving your readers and update after the next treatment.
Note from the Editor – if you have a problem with ticks, or any other sort of pest such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, beetles, flies, mice, moles, moths, silverfish, spiders, termites or any other critter that is making your life a misery you can contact Eco Pest by clicking here to visit their website.

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