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Letter to the editor – tourist should still come to Samui

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – tourist should still come to Samui | Samui Times
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Reading the news over the last few days it is hard to find anything other than the martial law story and once again I am worried the world things that Thailand is in turmoil. I don’t wish to downplay the severity of the situation in the capital for the future of the country but the mass media attention this latest move it getting is going to do nothing for the tourist industry that many of us rely on for our incomes here in Thailand. What pains me the most, other the fact that we get over one hurdle and seem to have little downtime before we are presented with another, is that in Samui life seems to be ticking on pretty much as normal and anybody here would have no clue what was going on if they did not reach samuifor their laptops or turn on their PC’s. I feel so sorry that so many people overseas will no reconsider coming here once again believing that Samui has been turned into come kind of army camp when it is no different than it has been throughout the entire political circus, which is the same as it was before any of it started. I understand that once travel warnings prohibit tourist from getting travel insurance it is a different matter but for now I feel that visitors to Samui will miss out by not visiting and residents will miss out because of that. I feel very sad. I hope that newspapers can think about this and remember to present the positives of Thailand and I hope if you can please publish my letter some people will discover that there is nothing untoward going on in Samui that should prevent them visiting.


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