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Letter to the editor – is the Wine Connection disconnecting?

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – is the Wine Connection disconnecting? | Samui Times
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Dear Editor, after reading your positive review of the Wine Connection in Chaweng my wife and I happily enjoyed three meals there. We received excellent service and enjoyed the Cold Cut and Cheese platters very much. On our forth and last visit however we were left disappointed, when the level of services we experienced was far below that of our previous visits. We arrived on a very busy Saturday night around 9-30pm. There were no clean tables outside but as some guests had just left we were giving a table. It took around five minutes before anybody came to remove the plates left by the previous guests and then it took a further five minutes for our table to be cleaned down. wine connection 2When a waitress did clean our table she simply wiped all of the crumbs and leftovers from the table onto the floor. Some got caught in between the two tables, leaving us with a line of gunge. After about five more minutes finally somebody came to take our order. Being on something of a budget we ordered two house white wines that come at the very reasonable price of one hundred baht each. We were told that this wine was finished and asked to order again. We noticed a big banner outside the restaurant offering a bottle of the Jump red wine for 349 baht and asked if the wine in this offer was still available. We were told it was but for 500 baht +10% and not the price advertised. We instead ordered two glasses of house red and one cheese and one cold cut platter. After fifteen minutes neither our drinks or food had arrived. The supervisor came over and asked us if we wanted to order and we told her we already had. She checked the computer and came back and asked us what we had ordered. We told her and she asked us if we were sure we had ordered food. We assured her we had and but she took our order again anyway. The wine eventually turned up and a few minutes later our platters arrived. Although we were, as always impressed with the generous portions and the cheese was lovely, the ham was dry and had the texture of cardboard and the pate tasted like cat food. The music, although too our taste was played at a volume more suited to a nightclub and we could hardly hear ourselves speak. The tables around us, once vacated were left dirty for the duration of our stay. Before we had actually finished our platters they were cleared away. At the same time the wine bucked from the next table was removed without the staff asking the customers if they wished to order more, we heard them complaining about that too. I think that perhaps they were short staffed, but regardless I would like to advise others that have previous enjoy Wine Connection that perhaps it is best to avoid peak times in the service. We very much hope this is just a glitch and the Wine Connection will return to being good value and good service in the very near future. Antony and Anne Hanes

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