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Letter from the Editor – a gem of a masseuse in Maenam

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Letter from the Editor – a gem of a masseuse in Maenam | Samui Times
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We all know that Samui its littered with world class spas where you can get the most incredible massages as well as a myriad of other treatments, but if like me you don’t always want to spend a fortune feeling good and fancy an impromptu massage you don’t need to book then you are faced with a choice of literally hundreds of massage shops around the island.

The down side to picking a random massage shop on your travels is having no idea what you are going to get and sometimes half way through your massage you might be forgiven for wondering if the person twisting and turning your body into shapes it was not meant to go has actually studied massage or just randomly felt like trying to bend a few tourists out of shape.

Today I discovered an incredible masseuse called Bell at Heavens Hands in Maenam, and although I am sure I will regret sharing this gem, as if too many of you try her she will forever be booked out, this is one secret it would be unfair to keep to myself.

Heavens Hands is an unassuming massage shop next to Maenam Trading. Although it does not have the best décor I have ever seen it’s immaculately clean and the staff are beautifully warm and friendly. Despite having a Thai massage last week that left me battered and bruised I decided to opt for one again, but this time instead of feeling like I was undergoing an endurance test I was given one of the best massages I have ever had.

Bell did not give me her life story during my massage including in depth details of her families health, the sons needs, the men who have let her down and a full on description of the kind of Falang man she would like me to fix her up with, the only time she spoke was to check the pressure of the massage was to my requirements. During the massage Bell used plenty of balm that made my skin feel warm and relaxed and when she found the knots in my back she gently worked them out with skill and tenderness. There were times during this massage I could almost feel the love in her hands, quite a strange sensation when this is the first time I encountered her and I do not mean in any kind of ‘happy ending’ way but in a way where she seemed to genuinely heal and care for my well-being. At no point during the massage did I start to wonder what is would be like to never walk again after this experience and I never got to that point where I knew a few seconds more and I would have to yell out STOP! This was just pure bliss from start to finish and I can honestly say one of the best massages I have ever had including those from the high class spas.

Bell is a young lady, she is not a tiny Thai who has to make up for her slight stature with a vice like grip, I don’t know where she learned her massage skills but I know I have found my perfect massage in Samui and from now on I won’t be going anywhere else.

I was not doing a formal review on Heavens Hands so sorry for the lack of photographs, I just wanted some ‘happy news’ to share and that news is Heaven is a place in Maenam at the hands of a girl called Bell.



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