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Letter from the editor – Termite Tech Koh Samui end my year of hell with ticks

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Letter from the editor – Termite Tech Koh Samui end my year of hell with ticks | Samui Times
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Just over a year ago my aging dog got a tick problem. Although unpleasant I thought this would involve nothing more than a trip to the vets. After repeated trips for injections, tick shampoo, a tick collar, frontline and sprays and tablets and picking up to 1000 ticks off the dog a day panic started to set in as ticks took over our lives and our house – we had a full blown tick infestation!

ticksAfter several visits from various pest control companies, banishing the dog to a fenced off area outside, and being told by the vets the only solution was to move house we were no closer to getting rid of our very depressing problem and could see no solution until the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui recommended David from Termite Tech Koh Samui. We gave him a call and he quickly came round to spray our house and garden, unlike visits from other companies we did not have to empty the contents of our house so he could get into every nook and cranny. He used considerably less spray than the other companies to the point I was slightly skeptical it would work. For the first few days the problem seemed to be getting worse as our ticks crawled out from wherever they had been hiding but by day five we were virtually tick free even the ticks on the dog succumbed to his spray. Two weeks later we had one more spray to ensure we had no lingerers and our lives, after one year of hell, have gone back to normal. Not a tick to be seen! I decided to interview David to find out just how he achieved what to me seemed the impossible

Q) David – you have managed to solve a problem nobody else has been able to solve for me, so what is your secret weapon in the war on ticks?

A) Thank you! Actually, for a start, it all comes down to buying the best products and equipment you can. After that, you must make sure you are using the appropriate chemicals for the job; for example, certain products won’t work on certain insects, and you will be mis-using and wasting chemical and not solving any problems. Training and education is one of the most important aspects of this profession.

Q) How many treatments does the average home need?

A) Depending on the severity of the infestation, it may need an added spray, but usually two (2) treatments will bring the insect population to acceptable levels. However, I would usually recommend an on-going monthly, or even bi-monthly for regular service.

Q) What sort of preparations are required before spraying?

A) Well, with the top of the line products we are using, along with the best application equipment, not much at all… just a few pieces of furniture moved from the wall, if possible, to ensure a continuous barrier is put down.

Q) Is the chemical safe around children and pets?

A) Absolutely safe for humans, animals and plant life. And has absolutely no odor. Just a reminder, though, that no product of any kind should be put in or near water, as it is harmful to aquatic life. Unless, of course, it’s a registered chemical or product for in-water use.

Q) What can you expect once the house and garden have been sprayed?

A) After we’ve completed the treatment, in some cases it will draw out the insects within the first few days. Our chemicals are extremely long lasting, yet some will take a few days to really take effect and work on the pest(s) we are trying to control.

Q) How often is it recommended that you spray?

A) I would recommend monthly treatments as a general maintenance package, but depending upon where and how the home is built, we can offer bi-monthly treatments, as our products are extremely long lasting.

Q) What other kinds of services do you offer?

A) We take care of ANY pests on the island! We are trying to focus on Termites, as well. Our company is certified and trained through the Australasian Institute of Pest Management, which means we have been fully trained up to Australian standards in the proper ways to eliminate Termites. We also work closely with “Snake Phil” to help with any snakes or wildlife, as well.

Q) And what about you, what is your background?

A) I am from Canada, and have been in pest management for almost a decade now. I was employed with Orkin, one of the top Pest Management companies in North America. They trained me, and are a great company. Then about six (6) years ago, I decided to move to Samui and open my own pest management company.

So far so good, as well !! I have also had some additional training through The Australasian Institute of Pest Management, specifically for termites, as I had noticed over the last few years, that every client I came across who had spent a fortune to eradicate termites still had a termite problem! But with our termite program you will know you are getting a proper professional service.

We are using non-invasive, safe products, so our clients don’t have to worry about what is being applied.

Also, having gone to post-secondary school for Environmental Water
Resource Technician, I have a better understanding of chemicals and
the proper way to use them.

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Thank you David

I would like to personally recommend David in my letter ‘from the editor’ his service is professional, affordable and he is always on hand to answer any questions. He explains exactly what he is doing, how it works and he is a very friendly chap who is now my hero for ridding me of a problem that was ruining my life with no more need for pointless trips to the vets!

Termite Tech Samui

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