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Letter from unhappy island resident

Samui Times Editor



Letter from unhappy island resident | Samui Times
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Dear Editor

Like most other residents on Koh Samui I am sick to the back teeth of power cuts that have lost me countless trading hours at work, ruined countless dinners that always just happen to go into the oven a few minutes before a long power cut, I have lost innumerable electrical items that blew up thanks to power surges when they did finally put the electric back on, I have found myself lathered up in the shower with a hair full of shampoo and bosh, the power goes out and that means no more water and I have lost the entire contents of my fridge and freezer on a fairly regular basis. On top of this I have spent countless nights at home sitting in the dark, spent countless nights not being able to sleep with no air con and no fan and frankly I am bored of it. The three days of power cuts before Christmas cost the island dear as many visitors fled the island never to return and who can blame them? It is not much fun for any of us but least of all for some poor souls that spent years saving up to get here. It seems to me that it takes only the mere threat of rain to black the whole island out , but I have felt slightly encouraged to see that a lot of new power lines are finding their way around the island and some parts of the island, such as the strip from the airport road heading towards Bangrak actually seem to have tidy wiring that looks like somebody that actually knew how to run a power line installed it rather than some Muppet throwing a few tons of spaghetti into a tree, hooking it up to the mains and hoping for the best, well, on one side of the road anyway. So imagine my horror today to find that, yes, we may well have new and improved cables but now the ****ing poles are falling over. Come on!!!!! Who is in charge of this chaos? What is the point in investing time and money into new cables, and in installing them putting the island residents through more misery while you cut the power off to do so, if you are not going to dig deep enough holes and install the poles properly, I for one think it is a complete joke and think somebody should be doing something about it! I am sending in some photos to prove my point and would like somebody, anybody to tell me where I go for some kind of compensation and if, as I suspect that is never going to happen at least some kind of explanation!



Note from the Editor

Do you feel the same way as Katherine? why not send us your photos of the worst wiring the island has to offer

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