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A letter from one of our readers -Thailand and Samui is still safe so why the travel warnings?

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A letter from one of our readers -Thailand and Samui is still safe so why the travel warnings? | Samui Times
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I find it very hard to believe that so many countries are telling their citizens not to come to Thailand due to protests. I mean what is the problem. In Koh Samui, other than a bit of rain, its business as usual and there is no sign here that there is anything going on at all.

From what I understand there are no disruptions at the airport, either here or in Bangkok. Nearly all of the protests seem to be peaceful and I just can’t see what the danger is.

I don’t really understand why the worlds press is making such a big thing about this and the Thai news seems to be totally dominated by it. On the run up to Christmas, New Year and high season should the press not be doing a bit more about all of the great reasons to come and visit this country?

If governments really want to warn their citizens about coming to Thailand then why can’t they just tell them to avoid protest areas and not avoid the entire country when 95% of the country is not feeling any effects from this political circus.

It is hard enough to run a business around here and cope with the low seasons and make enough money in the high season without a load of old scaremongering about it being dangerous to come here.

By all means report what is going on in the news, but make it a bit more fair and balanced and perhaps governments should be putting more emphasis on the places in Thailand that have not been affected even in the slightest, ie Koh Samui and other areas that rely on tourism.

I think it is totally irresponsible for the 30 something countries to have done this, imagine if you have booked a holiday here and you are told it is dangerous to come, if you are not here you could imagine from the news that the whole country is in chaos and cancel your vacation!

Anybody reading this from around the world, do not believe all you are reading, Samui protest free and there is no danger from any of the political stuff happening anywhere on our sunny (most of the time) shores!

Johnathon ‘Bamboo’ O’Leary

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