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Letter from a reader – concerns over more bad press for Thailand over missing plane

Samui Times Editor



Letter from a reader – concerns over more bad press for Thailand over missing plane | Samui Times
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Like most people I have looked on in horror as the details of the missing Malaysian flight MH370 news has been breaking and like most people I have found it unfathomable that this plane has simply vanished into literally ‘thin air’. I cannot imagine what the families of the passengers and crew are going through and I find it even harder to imagine what the passengers and crew members when through or are going thorough themselves, whatever was, or is, it is simply unimaginable for those of us on the ground.

passport scamsWithout wanting to take any focus of the search or the horrors of those who knew the passengers and crew, there is one other aspect of this tragedy that I find unbelievable. In some papers, some headlines are giving Thailand a bad rap through this troubling incident.

I have read headlines such as Missing plane highlights Phukets stolen passport trade, Missing Malaysian plane underscores Thailand’s stolen passport trade and Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Inquiry shows Thai passport scams continue.

Alright, I am not saying there is not an issue with Thailand and stolen passports, nor am I saying that as the passports seem to have come from Thailand there is not a reasonable reason for the country to be mentioned but I think that it is worth remembering that stolen passports are a problem in every country and not just Thailand and with over 30,000 stolen passports around the world I personally feel this is just another excuse for journalists to have a pop at Thailand that has already suffered from rotten press over the protests in Bangkok from newspapers that have given the rest the world the opinion that the entire country is dangerous and under siege and that, as all of those of us who live here, full or part time like myself, it simply not the case and they were not even that much of a problem in the worst affected areas of Bangkok!

I personally get sick to death of reading story after story that misrepresents this incredible country and gives it such a bad name.

If the media want to highlight problems with passports in countries then how about focusing on the fact that it was Malaysia that let at least two people on a plane with stolen passports, regardless of where they came from, surely this is far more of an issue.

I wish all the very best for the passengers and crew of the fated flight and their friends and families

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