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Letter from a reader determined to let the world know Thailand is a safe place to visit

Samui Times Editor



Letter from a reader determined to let the world know Thailand is a safe place to visit | Samui Times
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Are any foreigners or tourists actually suffering from any effects from the unrest in Bangkok? I read your newspaper every day as well as other online news publications both from within Thailand and from around the word. While I understand that it is important to keep the world up to date on the political situation in Bangkok, I am appalled that not only has all other information about Thailand gone to the wayside but also that the local and international press are giving the impression that Thailand is a very dangerous and unstable place to be. While my heart goes out to the few that have been injured in the prsilver beach koh samuiotests, I personally think that considering the length of time that this situation has been going on, the numbers hurt, or killed are proportionally very low and that the demonstrations have been misrepresented by the press. For example, some friends of mine went to Bangkok a couple of weeks ago and they were right in the middle of the protests that they said were not only peaceful but more akin to a street party than a political demonstrations. They spoke of live bands and street vendors, food stalls and an overall atmosphere that was like a festival. I think that it is just as important that the rest of the world know that on the whole the anti-government protestors have made their statement in a peaceful and quiet way and this is a good example of how this gentle race operates.

I don’t know anybody that has had any problems in Bangkok, the airport is not affected and if you are anywhere outside the protest areas you would have no idea that anything is amiss. I would like the Samui Times to print this letter to tell the rest of the world that Thailand is not unsafe, the beaches are still beautiful, the weather is still great, the food is still wonderful and even if you did wander into a protests area if you were in Bangkok, which is a very small part of the country, it is very unlikely you would encounter a problem.

Come on press agencies, lets promote how little disruption this problem has caused, don’t kill our tourist industry with only negative press and do not put people off a wonderful experience in a beautiful country. It is amazing how little impact it has had and that is why it is indeed Amazing Thailand

George C.

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