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Letter to the editor – Amazing tattoo experience in Koh Samui

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – Amazing tattoo experience in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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I have been thinking about having a tattoo for about three years. I am a very demanding person and a perfectionist so finding the right tattoo was never going to be easy. Over the last three years I have invested a lot of time looking at French man happy with tattoo in Samuiwebsites and have consulted with many tattoo artists but none of them left me feeling satisfied or confident and I was not happy with the quality of their previous work in terms of sharpness and shade. During my stay on Koh Samui I noticed that a good many people were tattooed. At the start of my stay I was thinking that people would be crazy to get a tattoo on holiday so far from their home land. I was thinking about infections and things like that. However I decided to spend some time having a look at the various tattoo shops on the island and looking at the portfolios of the local tattoo artists. I made it clear to everybody that I spoke to that I would be a very demanding client. With some research under my belt I found myself in the Predator Tattoo II’s Lounge and work of Thongchai Compatee called out to me. I started tFrench man happy with tattoo in Samui 1o make an in-depth study of his portfolio and did a lot of searching on the internet for references to his work and customer feedback. I was happy with what I found and knew that I had found my tattoo shop and my tattooer ” Thongchai Compatee “. All I had to do then was to make my expectations known to him, which was never going to be easy as I do not speak English. However when you make call to a real professional the exchange is of a simplicity because he has what he has to make. I would thus recommend Thongchai Compatee wholeheartedly for: – his welcome and kindness – his patience – his availability – the ease of making appointments as well as the fast response time and content in our e-mail exchanges – hits hygiene – and great atmosphere in the shop with great music.

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