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Letter to the editor – Childrens day……….at Adult Prices!

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Letter to the editor – Childrens day……….at Adult Prices! | Samui Times
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Dear Editor – Childrens day……….at Adult Prices!

I dropped my wife and kids off at our local aquarium yesterday and was surprised when she called a few mins later samui aquariumasking me to pick them up again. In previous years children have been given free admission on children,s day while mothers pay the full fare. As this place practices dual pricing I have long since refused to join them, but to hear that children born on the island are expected to pay the full (Thai) price while their peers continue to enjoy free admission confirms just how deeply discriminatory practices are entrenched here.

In the evening I looked at the website. The only prices were in English with the cheapest being THB 750 Adult & THB 450 Child. Thai adults yesterday were charged THB 250 while kids over 1.2m were charged THB 100; neither price being seen online. My children were expected to pay THB 250…

The Partridge Family

Note from the editor – another post was found on social media in regards to this event – 

Yesterday’s Children’s Day a big disappointment for my son!

My son (half Thai half farang) visited the Tiger Zoo & Aquarium together with his cousins (all Thai) to have a fun day. But at the entrance he was the only one told that the Children’s Day is just for Thai kids. A Thai ID-card or his fluent Thai language didn’t change anything and he was charged with THB 450.–! He felt discriminated looking more than a farang than a Thai. A bad lesson for a kid on Children’s Day! Where is the Land of Smile?

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