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Letter to the editor – Conservative victory and frozen state pensions for ex-pats

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Letter to the editor – Conservative victory and frozen state pensions for ex-pats | Samui Times
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The Conservatives amazing election victory may be a good opportunity for expats to again raise the injustice of frozen state pension for people living here in Thailand and many other countries around the world, by writing as I have done to our PM. At the same time one could mention their disgust at the latest austerity measure the government is to enforce. Any expat returning to the UK specifically for medical treatment will be charged for the full cost treatment plus a 50% sucharge for their trouble!! Even though most would have prepaid for NHS treatment through their NI contribution during the whole of their working life.
Dear Mr. David Cameron,
My most sincere congratulations to you on your unprecedented Election Victory which no one would have guessed.
Unfortunately my postal vote like many thousands of other expats failed to arrive but avoided me supporting Ukip after being a lifelong voting Tory.
You are now in a position to govern as you please and if as you continually claim to have “A passionate belief in equality for all” and truly believe in “Fairness is at the heart of everything we do”. Mark this great occasion by granting all expats no matter where they chose to live in the world, an indexed linked state pension in line with what they paid for during their working lives.
You also claim “Britain is a wealthy country and the government has taken good care of our public finances” so clearly the country has the resources.
As Lord Carswell said as long ago as 2005, ‘’There’s no justification for paying some expat pensioners less than others”. As recently as last year you said you are not unsympathetic towards the expats just cause. Please just do it.
I like many others are genuinely finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet. Please don’t force me to leave behind my close family, loved ones and friends to return to the UK in my final years just to claim which is rightfully mine.
Sincerely yours. Michael Holley.
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