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Letter to the editor – Discourteous driving-Again!

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Letter to the editor – Discourteous driving-Again! | Samui Times
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While passing the exit of Big C on 13 Aug I noticed a static taxi with an arm flapping furiously out of the driver’s window. Having no idea what it meant (Driver stung by a wasp? Dropped a cigarette? Waving to passing taxi? Friend on opposite side of the road?) I duly slowed down….

bad driving in samui– My measured speeds as per GPS were 38kms>15kms>7kms . The gap between mine and the car in front while underway was appropriate, as was my stopping distance.

– The taxi then proceeded to do a U turn.

– More animated arm & facial movements followed as the driver completed the maneuver, including a ‘double take’ upon realizing my ethnicity, and what appeared to be a substantial rant which I suspect was littered with the word ‘Ferang’ and my failure to understand that taxi’s at the roadside have right of way over normal traffic (!).

bad driving in samui 1– I don’t usually bother to upload or study dashcam footage as there are frankly too many incidents to count but did so on this occasion as I was curious as to whether it would reveal anything to justify being racially abused. It didn’t. I therefore deduce that that the only thing that lead to the above was the fact that despite passing a proper driving test (in a country that drives on the left) I have somehow managed to do everything wrong for a staggering 35 years I did however receive a 1000m stare! 🙂


James Wormold

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