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Letter to the editor – Give us back our notary services in Samui !

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Letter to the editor – Give us back our notary services in Samui ! | Samui Times
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Recently I had occasion to contact the British Embassy in Bangkok. I had to refer to them my Proof of income documentation, They in turn would issue me with a letter confirming my income, which I would produce when I applied for the renewal of my Retirement Visa, this was a duty that Dave Covey our Attaché carried out quite normally, and within a day. This duty has now been taken from him, and now contact has to be made directly to the Embassy.

The turn round for this function (the Embassy says) is ten days. So on the 14th July I duly sent my documents, plus cheque, Oh yes, it cost you B2520 plus B100 for return of your documents by EMS.

So, on the 28th July I had not received anything, so I got onto the Embassy. At first they asked me for my EMS tracking Number but then said it doesnt matter we’ll check it from this end. After a short time they said Yes. we gotyour docs (Relief) , and yes they had handled, them and sent them back to me (Horror) Bearing in mind that myrenewal date is 5th September and here towards the end of July. I asked them, well where did you send the docs? We sent them to PUHKET!!!!! Why did you send them there when I live in Samui…..embarrassed silence. We will send copies to you tomorrow

But Thai Immigration demand Originals, what do I do?

29 July-4th August I received nothing (to be fair this was not the fault of the Embassy). I contacted the Embassy on 3rd of August explaining that I had not received the documents. After investigation I was told that the documents were at Chaweng Post Office (and had been there since 30th July). It transpires that the postman had tried to deliver the post but nobody was at home. This may or may not be correct, but I understood that for anything sent EMS, a note should be left to the effect that they had the letter,and it was held at the Post Office. But this does not get away from the fact that the Embassy have LOST my original paperwork. They did send me a nice note (on request) to explain what had happened. for me to present to Nathon Immigration. I’m not holding my breath because the man,(Mr Nok)does not have a great reputation.

After receiving this letter the Samui Times contacted Dave Covey who responded

Dear Samui Times

Thank you for drawing my attention to this enquiry. I cannot comment on individual cases but I would like to make the following observations: 

  1. The withdrawal of notary services was well publicized at the end of *last year, including in the Samui Times & on Thaivisa. Details were also sent to British retirees living in the archipelago and to the ex service community.
  2. Feedback confirms that the turnaround time is as little as 7-10 days door-to-door.
  3. The main disadvantage of no longer holding regular notary clinics from my own perspective is that I no longer have regular contact with the resident community. I do however have Sundays to myself 🙂 (I used to spend several hours on a Sunday compiling letters for the week).
  4. Complaints should in the first instance be submitted to the Embassy for further action. Contact details are on the homepage of their website. 



British Honorary Consul

Drafted 06/1057hrs/local/Aug/14


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