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Letter to the editor – Huge Scam in Koh Phangan

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Letter to the editor – Huge Scam in Koh Phangan | Samui Times
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Many companies in Koh Phangan (mainly) and Samui have been swindled in the last few months for a total amount over 30 million THB. Several police reports have been submitted recently, mainly by foreigners who live and work on the 2 islands. All cases are related to the same lady, Miss Nonglak Phetket.

scam koh Phangan 1Miss Phetket, who comes from Chumpon, arrived in Koh Phangan in 2005. She pretended to be a lawyer in order to win the trust of investors. She has been involved in many cases with, most of the time, the same scheme: She would offer her partnership to the farang investors, arguing she could take care of all the administrative aspects of the companies and their investments. She set up dozens of companies, and took the opportunity to become a major shareholder so she could play with the companies’ bank accounts, or resell properties without permission from the investors.

According to the last discussions following the meeting that took place at the Police station of Koh Phangan, on April 6th, 2016 (see picture), it appears that at least 5 fake chanotes (land title deeds) have been sold, by Miss Nonglak Phetket to foreigners – through Thai companies – from different countries (France, UK). Miss Phetket, already convicted in other cases, according to the information provided by the police during the meeting, used her network within the different administrations of the 2 islands, but also within the whole province of Surat Thani, to obtain real stamps on the fake land title deeds.

scam Koh PhanganOne of her other favorite frauds was to offer investments in the scooter rental business. Asking investors to buyscooters that she would manage herself (rentals) while provide benefits to the buyers. However, once the money was received, instead of spending it on the purchase of bikes, she would keep the money for herself, and request a loan from a bank in order to buy scooters. The investors, then seeing the scooters being rented out were confident in their investment… until the day they all discovered the scooters were not really theirs.

Several complaints are about to be taken to court in the coming weeks, but many investors who have been ripped off are afraid that she could disappear before being caught by the police.

This kind of case can hugely damage the image people have of Thailand, and one would hope authorities will act swiftly and firmly.

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