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Letter to the editor – nightmare at the Samui Pink Elephant Water Park

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Letter to the editor – nightmare at the Samui Pink Elephant Water Park | Samui Times
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Yesterday we were at the water park Pink Elephant on Maenam on Koh Samui there was an incident that damaged my child. The
Samui water park injury 1Park’s Administration refused to respond to the incident. They blocked my post on Facebook and continue to advertise the park as a safe and fun place.
The public are asking me to take steps to ensure that other children would not have the risk of suffering there. Because that park has dangerous places in the river around the park. There exist places of water intake, the water is sucked in through the grid filters or something like that. In this place the water sucked my child.
We are talking about all the available swimming river with artificial current. It is not about the place where it is forbidden to be and so on. This river is available for everyone! It’s not about the child is naughty or no one to look after him. We are talking about dangerous places in the park and to eliminate them, no action is taken.
In this way. ChildSamui water park injury 2ren swimming in the river on an rubber ring. Near the adults swam to the another ring. Some children sailed close without the rubber ring. My son was one of them. He was sucked the flow of water in the water intake grate. He was under the water, he could not move, he could not breathe. The only thing he could do is raise your hand. Fortunately for him adolescents were close and one of them pulled my son and saved his fast. Staff of the Park responded nothing. They took pictures of my son and left. No one offered him treatment. Everybody just left. Other children continued to swim in this place as if nothing had happened.
Staff did not call in administration. Our family just went to the hospital to check the health of our son. He’s fine physically, but we are all shocked by the fact that happened and everythinsamui water park injury 3g could have turned out much worse.
Gone day. park administration does not communicate with us, and no one brought my son an apology. I believe that these are dangerous places are still available for children and someone might not be not so lucky as my son and everything will end very badly for this child. The park must close the river and to correct or isolate the location of water suction.
That’s what excites us as victims of that irresponsibility and all the people who have already read my post to Facebook. I’m asking for your help to influence the owners of the park.Places of entertainment are required to be safe for children!
Sincerely, Julia Ilienko
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