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Letter to the editor – Sending out a strong warning against scammers on the beaches of Lamai

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Letter to the editor – Sending out a strong warning against scammers on the beaches of Lamai | Samui Times
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I would like to share a disappointing story that happened to me and my girlfriend visiting Lamai beach on Koh Samui.

We had travelled from Mea Nam and decided to enjoy the beaches in Lamai. We sat down on the sun beds outside Swing Bar and ordered drinks each.

scammers_lamai_1About 15 minutes into our sitting two old ladies appeared and started pushing our feets and complained about they needed to be taken care of.

My girlfriend first reacted when one of the ladies started to scrub her feet and showed her the mistreatment, so my girlfriend didn’t mind the lady to continue the treatment. The other lady then started on me and said my nails where long and started chatter about how much bacteria there was inside.

As my girlfriend went along with I somehow went with it as well.

So the two old ladies started to ask many questions about us such as where we lived, where we came from, how long we’ve been here, if we have children and etc.

My girlfriend had her feet scrubbed, her foot and hand nails cut and in the end they asked which color she would like her nails to be polished with. I had my both feet scrubbed and my nails on both hands and foot cut.

This all in all took about 20-30 minutes and my girl was completed before me.

As they started to round up, she immediately showed us a plastic sign showing the prices of our treatment.

To me, as they approached with a smile and kind gesture I never would have thought to ask about the price as I have always had tolerance and respect for Thais. She immediately said with a straight voice that the total amount is 1,300.00 THB for me, and 1,950.00 THB for my girl.

All in all they wanted 3,250.00 THB for a 30 minute treatment. I knew at that point that we were scammed and my girlfriend was really angry and they both said that we had to pay or face consequences. My girl refused to let us pay but they then said they would call police and bragged about they were from Samui.

scammers_lamai_2We would have never ever thought people would scare the face out of tourists relaxing on the beaches – and our day were saddened and we felt we just wanted to go back home.

In an earlier event from a 15 minute taxi drive the driver said one price and when I gave him the money he said he didn’t have change and demanded us to pay 1,000.00 THB instead of 550.00 THB.

We have never experienced anything alike and we were chocked that no-one said anything – even the people who worked at the restaurant bar didn’t mind to warn us about these people.

When we finally decided to go, one man said these two ladies had fooled a whole family with 7 people on the sun beds below and demanded they pay 7,000.00 THB but they somehow got it down to 4,500.00 THB.

We felt cheated and our holiday went from tolerance to almost utter look after every belongings and walked with a face of not being ripped off. We never sat down on that beach again.

Luckily I had two images of the two old ladies and I want to send a strong warning to anyone who come across these people.

Daniel R.
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