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Letter to the editor – The lowest low season in Samui

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – The lowest low season in Samui | Samui Times
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I moved to the wonderful island of Koh Samui four months ago. I am retired but planned anyway to open a bar/café on the island to supplement my retirement income and use this as a way to meet people, both local and visiting, and give me some hobby and something to do. Since arriving here I have found that the island is not at all busy as it was before when I came to visit some four years ago and have been trying to find out what is the reason for this. Asking among some local people I find that many say that it is the recession in Europe that is responsible for the island being so quiet, some say it has to do with the various exchange rate around the world, and particularly Russia, some tell me it is due to Military Rule and this prevents some tourist from arriving as their travel insurance is not valid under such rule and some tell me that the global reporting of crimes here in the island is making people too scared to come. One other suggested that the T.A.T is targeting tourists from China and other domestic Asian countries ahead of ASIA. Many of those I have spoken too, some of whom have lived here for many many years have told me that this is the most quiet low season of all times so my question to the community is – is this the lowest low season on record and what is the reason for this?


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