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Letter to the editor – The menace of boy racers!

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – The menace of boy racers! | Samui Times
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There seems to have been a big surge in boy races on the roads around the island. They are easily recognised without even looking by the ear splitting exhaust noise accompanied by the only speed these stupid irresponsible youths seem to understand which is flat out with additional handfuls of full throttle for extra effect. I’ve lived for many years in what was once considered the quiet north west part of the Island but even this area is now plagued by these illegal home modified 125cc machines which seems to go on for most of the day until well after last light.
With little self-discipline and no respect for anyone but themselves, they unleash this environmental explosion of noise pollution on the rest of us like a bunch of feral kids that they are. I’ve complained to the Nathon Police department who claim to be far too busy fighting real crime and maintaining law and order. But when I ask why all his fellow officers were in a backroom watching TV and not out there on the streets, instantly eye contact and the ever present smile was lost only to be replaced by the expressionless mask of officialdom and non-cooperation.
Perhaps this could be something Mr. Ramnet Jaekwang, Koh Samui’s proactive Mayor to consider. Or maybe even Ex-General Prayat Chan-o-cha the self appointed Prime Minister who headed last years coup det etat, could deal with it under his much publicized National Council for Peace and Order, created under powers imposed by Martial Law. I’d love to know because if nothing changes, nothing will change. Ginger Marks.
Letter to the editor - The menace of boy racers! | News by Samui Times
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